21 July 2007

I have been Tagged

I still haven't beaten this lurgy and I just hope that I can get better in time for next weekend. I have been tagged by Gail Pan but as you will see in random throughts about me I wont be tagging anyone but I have decided to give you 7 random things about me anyway.

  1. I hate being late (actually it makes me feel ill if I am so I never am even if it means being half an hour early).
  2. I laugh a lot.
  3. I use to work on an electronic messaging project so will never forward on chain mail and I tried to do the tagging thing once before and I was just felt so guilty about doing it that I gave up.
  4. My maternal grandmother and mother died within 4 months of each other when I was 23.
  5. I try to read and sew even a little every day.
  6. I have my nails done every 3 weeks.
  7. I went to the same primary school as my grandmother and my mother Col Light Gardens Primary.

Only 5 more sleeps till we leave for Loxton. We are going to zip up to Mildura on Monday to go an visit Country Dye Works that is if we are not dead tired by then. Had a last minute trip to Hetties (quilt shop up the road) as a little bird told me she had some of the new Robyn Pandolph range Chateaux Rococo and of course some had to come home with me (I have a bag in mind).

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