09 July 2007

The Lurgy Came to Visit

I had a slight raspy throat when I woke up on Saturday, that ended up being a burning fever by early afternoon. I went to bed around 6 and woke up at 9pm shivering uncontrollably. It had abaited slightly by Sunday morning with panadol. The dr this morning confirmed my suspicion that I had an infection of some kind and has put me on megga dose antibiotics.

Even though I was sick I took the opportunity to just sit and sew and finish a couple of project yesterday that I have been working on for a couple of weeks guilt free. Great way to start of the school holidays, luckily my husband decided to stay home to look after the kids which he has had to do a couple of times over the last three weeks. The pattern came from Cinderberry Stitches.


Susan said...

I love your needle accessories. Great stitching!

The Times Remembered blocks are beautiful. Having a head start is nice. =)

Gail said...

Cant wait til Loxton, hope ypu feel better by then. I have tagged you...visit my blog to see.