01 July 2007

Only 25 more sleeps

Only 25 more sleeps to the road trip. Got some nice Chocolat Fabric by 3 sisters for the basket top (viviane's project). Discussed with the Sparkles about what we were going to take and I think some more discussion over logistics is in order next week most definitely over cake and coffee.
Got started on the table runner, would have had it finished but didn't have enough fabric to use as backing. Fortunately I had to make a Jack and the Bean Stalk costume for my son and was searching for my hot glue gun (which I didn't find) and found a project parcel (I have lots of these) with heaps of black background fabric which is going to be perfect on the back so with any luck after making gingerbread men this afternoon I will get out there and finish that sucker and start on the placemats so we can use the table. Have thought better of the project now and will return fabric to the stash.
I have been a member of Pat Sloans Yahoo group for quite a number of years now and the group is doing her Times Remembered Quilt as a BOM starting in July. The great thing is I have all the backgrounds done and the first three months complete, so hopefully by the time I need to do some sewing I will have some time to do it.

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