28 February 2008

Dinner with the Girls

Had a lovely dinner with the Girls last night at the local Greek Restaurant which is situated on the beach at Henley. It is really nice on a warm summer's night but we have had a bit of cool weather (but still no rain) lately and we ended up inside.

I have been spending up a storm this week. Last week the washing machine gave up so on Saturday we got delivery of a new one and yesterday I caved and went and bought a dishwasher which we have done without for quite a number of years but as I am trying to return to work I thought we could probably do with one as I spend most of my time at home trying to avoid doing the dishes (at the moment I am avoiding doing the ironing).

Been to a job interview and testing at a recruitment agency this week and get to meet the client that on Friday for a 3 morning a week job which sounds ok. Also had Phyc test for another job and if I pass that will get to have and interview next week for that one (hopefully the 3 day will be settled by then). I must say I am getting sick of the interviews and tests. Well better get to that ironing.....

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