07 February 2008

My Birthday Month

It's my birthday next week and it is one of those with a 0 on the end. My husband has been at me for at least 6 months to decide what to do and here it is a week away (well less than that) and I haven't decided. I tend to take life in chunks and gear up for an event and try not to think about the next thing until that goes away and as it was all about my daughter's birthday up until last weekend now I can think about mine.

I have decided that I will treat myself for the whole month. I have been doing a little bit of shopping just for me and my big pressie (canon slr) is in the works. I don't feel like having a big bash but might just go to dinner or something in the next week or so. As my birthday is very close to Valentine sometimes the restaurants can be bit busy who knows I think I will just play it by ear as they say. Dinner with the girls will be at the end of the month to cap it all off.

On the job front ugghhh I had two interviews yesterday for an absolutely perfect job and the Agency consultant said I had it in the bag but and the client was really impressed with me and said that unless the next candidate blew her away. Unfortunately she did so I missed out, she had done in medical research before and the client went for her. Oh well at least it was a great boost for my confidence and I did great on all their testing. Better luck next time.

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