22 February 2008

New Magazine and Ephemera

I had to go to town today and had a wonder through Borders and of course had a look at the craft magazines. They have lots of overseas mags that you don't usually find in ordinary newsagents. I found a mix media mag which I am going to have to save up and subscribe to because it is really fabulous with lots of eye candy and great inspiration it is Somerset Studio and of course there are lots of offshoot publications that you just have to have. This issue has an article on Sally Jean Alexander and her soldered pendants and charms are to die for but she won't ship overseas so will just have to work out how to solder the pendants myself. I have ordered her book Pretty Little Things from Amazon.

I nearly have everything I need just need to acquire a soldering iron and some flux. Received my Silver Lead Free Solder from the US the other day. I didn't go for the Silvergleem as I figure I need to practice a bit first on technique before I fork out for the expensive stuff.
I didn't get the job I had an interview for the other day, it was down to 2 candidates and they felt that as I only work 4 hours a week the stretch to 30 would be too much, actually I felt the stretch of having to learn CAD was the sticking point. But I applied for another job this morning and they rang me this afternoon to see if I would come in for an interview next week. This one is 3 mornings a week in a 1 person office and it is working in the Insurance industry which I have done before.

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Christina said...

You will love Somerset Studio, Amanda. The magazine is such an inspiration. I got a 2yr subscription for my Christmas/Bday and I have the past issues stacked next to my bed. Each night I re-read one and see something different that I hadn't noticed before.I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.