13 February 2008

PhotoShop Elements

Here are some more pressies, my husband was listening after all when I hinted ooooh I love that. Don't you love the fabric postcard from my friend Kay she does such beautiful work.

Got myself Photoshop Elements the other week and have been playing a little bit (nothing that I will post on here for a while). I like the look of some scrapbooking but don't think I can get with the paper thing, though some of the papers look as good as fabric. Even with my collage it is always going to be fabric and not the paper I think it is a tactile thing more than anything with me I have to be able to see and feel texture. But back to Photoshop Elements you can do digital scrapbooking and because I quite like fiddling with software and I like the look of the scrapbooking I thought it might be fun to have a go. A couple of weeks ago I bought what I thought was a paper bundle online with a few images and things and it turned out to be digital images which I was a bit cross at first but now it is ok because I am going to be able to use them. It is going to be a big learning curve though but I am sure it will work out in the end just waiting for adobe to send a training cd which should push my learning on a bit.

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Sue said...

Love your necklace!!! And Kay's postcard is just gorgeous. Happy Birthday Month!!! Cheers Sue