05 February 2008

UGHHHHH Speeding Fine

Got a letter this afternoon couldn't work out what it was from the envelope as I wasn't expecting anything and it was a speeding fine. I remember going through it but I thought I had slowed down in time. It was one of those wide streets that a lot of the time are 60 but I didn't see the remember sign until it was to late so I was doing 59 in a 50 zone. My last fine was about 15 years ago which was in Unley which has 40km zones here and there and I missed the sign ugghhhh.

Now that the kids are back at school I am on the job hunt. I think I applied for about 10 jobs on the weekend and got phone calls about 3 of them. I have an interview this afternoon but I think the travel distance might be a bit much to get me home in time to pick up the kids and it is 5 days a week. I got another phone message and I really mad that I missed it because it is the job I was hoping to have a chance at. It is 2 days a week and is project administration which is what I love to do. I am waiting for them to return my call. It is immediate start which is good because I need to earn some money to pay the speeding fine lol.

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Sue said...

Bad Luck about the speeding fine. If it makes you feel any better Erin got one as well ... doing my short cut through Panorama she was doing the same 59 in a 60. Good Luck with the job hunting!!!
Cheers S