10 May 2008

Paintstik Play Day

Here are the samples that were done in my Paintstik Prowess class on Sunday. These are iridescent colours and I think I have to get some of the matte colours as well. It is amazing how they the colours change depending on the background. The next picture is some playing around that I did the other night. I made the stencil by tracing a block from the book Affairs of the Heart which is a magnificent applique quilt but I thought it would just work as well with the paintstiks. The block has embroidery in the middle and I think I will have to do some around all the petals, might even add some beads as well. I am thinking I will make a small wall hanging maybe do a couple as a display. Sue from Essential Textile also put us on to some heavy weight interfacing (a little finer than Fast2fuse and heaps cheaper and easier to use) from DK Fabrics on Port Road. I purchased a heap I am sure it will come in handy for postcards, ATC and whatever.


Amy said...

Hi Amanda! Fellow Sloanie here! Just LOVE your interpretation of the applique block! What fun! Please, don't get me started on another creative venture! Just love it! - Amy

Margi said...

Hi Amanda, I agree with Amy, love your interpretation of the block. I'm thinking those paintstiks could be as addicting as fabric! LOL