08 April 2010

Day Trip

Today I told the kids we were going to give the new Tram Extension a go.  First we had to wait for the Termite Guy to come and give us a quote to spray the outside of the house, I needed an outing to overcome the shock of that.. it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it was going to be but it was still moderately horrendous.

The special deal for the next six months is to park at the Entertainment Centre for the princely some of $2 and then catch the tram for free.  You can then ride all the way to Glenelg if you want, I didn't realise we could go that far so I just plan for the trip to the city.  In relatively no time we were in the heart of Adelaide to do some shopping, without having to fork out huge amounts for car parking and we didn't have a time limit so all in all it was very stress free.

There was plenty of buskers in the Mall and this guy kept us entertained for quite some time.  His name was Mr Spin.  He is juggling 5 balls with a hoop spinning round his leg and balancing a ball on his forehead.

For the finale  he did this. Thats a glass of water on his head, juggling 3 baseball bats on a 3 wheel "Suicycle"as he called it.  Very impressive.  Apparently Adelaide Crowds are hard work.  I hope he made some money today he definitely earned it.

P.S.  My Quilt is featured here


Karen said...

Luke and I did the new tram ride on Wednesday. Caught it at the Entertainment Centre, then thru to Glenelg and back. Then repeated the whole process again . He loves his tram rides but I am totally trammed out now!!
Cheers Karen from Hetties.

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