28 April 2010


Have you found DMTV yet.  Design Matters is a wonderful Mother and Daughter team who are outstanding Art Quilters from the UK. I got a fab deal when they first launched there videos (12 months for 20 pounds).  It is a lot more now but I think I am going to have to find the money as this is the best Art Quilting Resource around.  I watched a heap of the video's while ironing last night as my subscription is due to run out soon.  Found some techniques that I have to try with those fabric oil pastels for resist on fabric, good job I have plenty of them ready to go.  It used fabric paint but I am hoping it will work with dye's will have a go on the weekend if I get a chance.  At least once a week a new video is posted so I have more than got my monies worth from it and the quality of video download is really excellent.

We are fast approaching She Sew's Sunday and and a couple of us are going to have a bit of a dye play day and I still have to get some supplies and see if the technique works with the fabric I have.  Otherwise I am going to have to come up with something else.  The technique above should be pretty easy to do as I have everything we need.    Also need to get some thread to dye, as in another video they showed how to rainbow dye variegated thread and I really want to do that.  Shouldn't have opened my big mouth I think ah well the girls will be introduced to my experimental approach to dyeing (the only colour I can reproduce with any certainty is LIME GREEN.

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Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I just know if I tired to dye anything my entire house would end up dyed.

Have fun with your dye-ing. (Is that the right way to spell it ???)