25 April 2010

Fill In Blocks

You have seen over the past few weeks blocks from "the quilt" which I hope to be my first pattern.  I have probably mentioned that I like gadgets so yesterday I fiddled around with a pattern template and got one that I was happy with.  Just wish Mac Office worked the same as Windows Office so then I would know what I was doing ... think I will be shopping for the Missing Manual Book soon.  As I have always been a Windows Office Guru it is a bit of a let down when I have to go searching for how to do stuff when I am using the mac.  Must say Office 2007 (windows) which we have just switched to at work has me scratching my head at times but I'll get there.

I have been working on filler blocks for  "the quilt" which will from this point be known as the Funky Flower Garden Quilt.  I decided that I wanted to do half square triangle blocks.  I have a love hate relationship with half square triangles.  I am never happy with my accuracy (I am at times a bull at a gate and have to get stuff finished yesterday) I have tried to remedy this by cutting the blocks larger then cutting them down but that add to the time it takes to make them.  Then Leanne showed me the Nifty Notions half square triangle ruler and I think it solves my problems not all of them but my half square triangle problems anyway.  You will see my lovely pin wheel blocks here don't have any cut of corners and they all meet deliciously in the centre.

You can get yourself a Nifty Notions Half Square triangle ruler from Hetties.   Their are also some other Nifty Notions rulers that I might just have to try in the near future but for now I am more than happy with this little gem.

PS head on over to Quilt Fabric Delights for a lovely tutorial by Lisa called Breakfast in Bed a perfect Mother's Day pressie.


Leanne said...

That ruler impressed me but that's not hard LOL. Glad it worked for you.

Sue said...

Well done!! Pinwheels look great. Think I need one of those rulers!
Cheers S