14 April 2010

Gone Fishing

I had to really search for a recent photo.  Most of my photography the last couple of weeks has been of stuff I can't show you yet,  some of my readers (who will remain nameless get a bit uppity if I post to many entries with out pictures, I found this one from a stop we made at Noarlunga when we went to Normanville the other week).

It sort of fits because we are going fishing again this afternoon, I promised the kids that after their first fishing trip to Normanville that we would go during the school holidays.  Today is the day, high tide is late this afternoon, Dad's at work and we will head to the jetty for a spot of fishing.  Suppose I will have to find somewhere to get some bait first, strangely there are no bait shops close to the beach, places you use to be able to get bait are now cafe's and a hairdresser.  Suppose I will have to head to the local GotOne...which after searching for a link I have found isn't there any more.  Wouldn't you think a bait and tackle shop near the beach would be a good idea. Oh well will have to go for a bit longer drive for bait today.

On another note, only a couple of more sleeps for Inspired Stitches on the weekend.  The girls and I are only going one day this year as it falls when a couple of us have birthdays to attend.  I think that I can probably do enough damage to the credit card on one day anyway.  Must say I am probably looking forward to catching up with the girls more than anything, the shopping and sewing will just be an added bonus.


Sue said...

Nice photo!!!! :)
Good luck with the fishing ... hope you all catch something??!! Looking forward to catching up Saturday!! Woo hoo!! See you then!
Cheers S

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

So, as I write you're maybe still fishing (if you found bait)

I hope you caught a few big ones.

Enjoy Inspired Stitches this weekend!

Jill said...

Hi Amanda, I'll be there too on Saturday. Really looking forward to it.