04 April 2010

Great Easter Egg Hunt

I guess you are never too old for an Easter Egg Hunt, I looked at my son yesterday and it hit me that he is getting quite big and he isn't a little boy anymore, but today he was just as excited as he was as a 3 year old hunting for eggs and bunnies in Ma's garden.

The boy's are off to the footy today, somehow my son talked Chris into going with them.  He always goes with Ma and his uncle to the footy, as the thought of getting there 2 hours before a game is too much for my husband to take.  But Chris decided to go this weekend because he still has a day tomorrow to do "stuff".  Mainly I know that "stuff" will be nagging me about the housework or doing the housework and then complaining that I am not doing the housework.  

I might just do a bit today while he is out so I don't have any supervision and advise along the way lol.

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