16 April 2010

Holiday Round Up

It was back to work for me today, so hand balled the kid's holiday entertainment on to DH.  They spent the morning at the beach, my son was doing his best sand wall building to hold back the outgoing tide and squid was playing with a tennis ball with dad.

Fishing was quite successful and we each caught a fish though nothing legal size.  Here is maestro's effort, a nice little bream which I would have thought was pretty rare at Grange but then again I haven't done much fishing at Grange jetty so maybe I am wrong.  You will note that Mum is holding the fish and taking the photo as he is being a girl at won't touch the slimy fish.  You can also guess who got to bait everyone's hooks, and cast everyone's line in.

I think I got my first fishing rod when I was about 7 and my dad made me practice casting on the back veranda with a sinker on the end of a line and we weren't allowed to go fishing until we could get the line caste out without making a hash of it.

Yesterday we headed to the Port (Port Adelaide) for lunch and a walk around.  The kids went up to the top of the light house and then we headed to the Maritime Museum for an hour or so.  There was a bit of a show at 2pm and the kids enjoyed the singing.

Can't wait until tomorrow for Inspired Stitches must say I am really looking forward to the day.  Mind you I haven't packed my stuff yet probably should get to and do that.


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Enjoy Amanda!

Leanne said...

Back to school tomorrow, the weather for the hols has been perfect.