23 April 2010

I have confession to make.

I'm in love.  I didn't think that I could use anything but DMC thread but at Inspired Stitches we were given Cosmo threads to try and they are DEVINE.  They feel like silk and went through the cloth like butter.  No tangles (except when I wound one of the skeins on a bobbin but that was my fault).  I search for a DMC conversion chart and decided to order some of my favourite colours from Sarah.  Here they are can't wait to get stitching.  Might have to go back and order some more.


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

And yet again, I am sitting here thinking "If only I had the patience to Stitch " because these look utterly beautiful.

Nah ...I'm not a stitcher. I'll leave that to you stitching peeps.

Sue said...

Arent they nice ... I could become addicted too!!! Cheers S