17 April 2010

Inspired Stitches Glimpse

Here is just a glimpse of the goings on today tomorrow I will post picture of the projects, wouldn't want to spoil it for all you girls who will be going tomorrow and missed out on the fun today.

I think we enjoyed it even better than last year.  It was way more relaxed this year and everyone had a lovely time.  Natalie Squared are lovely and we were at a table with some wonderful girls who flew in from WA for the fun.

The food was really yummy and we really had a wonderful time.  I think we will definitely be putting our name down for next year.


Lorraine said...

Thanks for sharing....I am devastated I had to cancel at the last minute...but that's life I guess! ...and I need to get a house packed up ready for the removalists to come and whisk my stuff away to my new house.....!

Leanne said...

Glad to hear it was better than last year.

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Lucky You,

I love Natalie squared :D

Hugs, Sharon

Sue said...

It was a great day ... lots of chatting fun and laughter ... we were lucky to share the table with Maxine, Margaret and the other one, what a hoot those girls are!!! Oh yeah and did do a little sewing. ;)
Sarah and her helpers did a great job and the Natalies' squared were just lovely! Cheers S