05 April 2010

Lasy Day

Yesterday after the massive easter egg hunt, the boy's went off to the footy.  The less said about the footy game the better.  Of course their team lost.  I kept asking the squid what she wanted to do but she didn't want to do anything.  So I pottered around at home doing a bit of housework then at 1pm she said "Lets go to the beach".  She applied the sun screen and I grabbed some towels and my camera and we headed down to the beach.  We had a lovely hour or so, it wasn't too hot and the water was warm .... apparently.

Last night while watching the worse film that I have seen in a long time, I finished block 3 of "the quilt".  There is a petal still to go but it will go over the edge of the block so I will applique it in later when I am putting the quilt together.  Now to tackle sunflowers.    


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Hi Amanda,

I was at that game and it WAS bad.

Glad you enjoyed your beach trip!

Happy Easter Monday.

Leanne said...

Wasn't the weekend weather amazing. We just happened to go to Brighton for lunch yesterday it was my pick. Steam a seam purchased at the same time LOL.