01 May 2010


I have mixed success with dyeing over the last couple of days.  Thursday I bit the bullet and got the rest of my supplies and decided to have a go to see if I could melt the wax and then get out again of the fabric.  Yesterday I had a bit more of a play this time using the Tjanting tool and paint brush both which worked fine and I know what I have to do to keep them warm (basically stand them in the wax until I am ready to work with them).  However the resist didn't turn out too well and neither did my dyeing.  The dye doesn't  look too fabulous as I have had the dye mixed for probably 6 months and you are suppose to use it up within 24 hours for good results oops.  After doing major searches of the internet I have found the other thing I did wrong.  The wax must be transparent when you put it on the fabric, and for this to happen it must be super hot and as usual I couldn't wait and the bees was was still half solid when I started.  Also need to up the bees wax content of the wax mix to stop cracking though I think cracking might be a good effect.  Will try again next week.

My other experiment was trying to make variegate threads and I am pretty happy with the result however, when you are happy don't go playing with the tray ... sure way to get colour transfer.  This is silk thread that I have in a big birds nest that I spent two hours making these skeins last night. The thread is an absolute nightmare to work with it knots so easily, but might be ok for big stitch quilting.

Next thing if anyone know's where I can get purl and stranded thread on a cone that doesn't have to come from the US please let me know.  

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Leanne said...

It looks interesting you will have perfected it in no time.