28 May 2010

Ideas are Flowing

I do a lot of thinking on my drive to work in the morning.  Mostly I design on my way to work, the idea for this months Creative Team came to me on the way to work, when I got home I made a paper pattern to see if I could get it to work and amazingly it did.  Then a made a miniature version because I didn't want to waste too much fabric if it was all pie in the sky stuff, and then I jumped in and used the real fabric which was probably a bit of a gamble but I am a bull at a gate when I want to try something out.   This morning I have thought of more ideas for this little design which I am really proud of.  Done in different fabric and using different techniques it will offer lots of blank canvases for me to create on so I don't think that is the end for this particular design just the first basic pattern and watch this space for more versions of this little gem.    Sorry no more peeks as it won't be long and you can get your hot little hands on it.

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Sue said...

Sounds intriguing .... can't wait to see it!!!!! Have a good weekend!!
Cheers S