02 May 2010


Here are my results from yesterday.  The sheen on the base thread has given them an almost metallic look and they are quite spectacular in the flesh.  I have even managed to get almost a bronze colour in one of them.   That is what I love about dyeing it is the unexpected results that you get.  Even if you hate something you can always over dye it.  It won't stay yuck for long. 
I am sitting in my sewing room which once again looks like a train wreck.  I need to de clutter and get rid of stuff that I am never going to use.  To that end if anyone wants some wool for dolls hair can you drop me an email.  All I ask is that you pay postage.  Mostly it would be suitable for prim dolls.  I have some wool rovings in dk browns and some commercial wool (really thick stuff in blacks and various browns).  If you are interested I can send you photo's.

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Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Love the threads! Just beautiful.

Makes me want to go and dye something myself .