08 February 2011

Made It Store

I know I am going to have leftovers from the market so I have decided to start up a Madeit shop.  Gradually over the next couple of weeks I will be adding some of my goodies.  So if you are not an Adelaide local and you have seen something you like as the weeks have gone by.  You may be lucky enough to find it here.

Just to get the ball rolling we have a lovely large waterbottle holder.


Shay said...

Darn you Amanda...If I go there Im going to spend money!

But everyone else should go there because Amanda's stuff is fabulous.

Nicky said...

I really love this bottle holder - I am trying to work out if I can get down to Grange Markets this weekend but it is a sh0cking time for familes with little school age children. mOtherwise I might have to pay that darn shipping and handling. PS the skirt talks to me too!