17 February 2011

My Creative Space

Hi everyone just letting you know that there is a giveaway of the Valentine Day Hearts that I showed a couple of Creatives Spaces ago, so you know the drill leave a comment in the previous post for your chance to win.

Well the house looks like my Market Stall threw up on it.  There is stuff everywhere which I really need to get to and give it a bit of a tidy otherwise I will have to listen to Mr Neat Freak again.

I am feeling a bit mellow this morning as I have managed to not sleep very well, in fact got up in the middle of the night read a couple of chapters of a new book then went back to bed and slept in which has meant the morning was a bit of a rush.  I had a 9o'clock massage to get to hence the mellow me.

Mellow means I am in a wandering mood today,  that took me up to Hetties as I had a birthday voucher to spend.  Of course I exceeded the voucher and spent a bit more, a jelly roll, a charm pack and half metre of fabric destined for a project that I am doing for Country Hart' POM.  Just checked out the line up of designers and I think I am a little intimidated lol.  There are also a few things in the pipe line for QFD Creative Team so the first part of this year is going to be even busier that the first two months.  So there is going to be heaps of creativity happening here but I probably won't be able to show you much.

Last week I showed you my Japanese Kits and I have made a start.  Squid has seen the pussy cat and has claimed ownership which I knew she would.  I think I will sit and sew this tonight again, it is lovely doing lots of hand work again.

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Leanne said...

That little kitten looks finished.

Shay said...

Mellow is good. Sounds like the meassge did the trick.

Sounds like you had fun at Hetties.

I cant imagine you busier than you already were this year . Good grief Amanda. You do like to push yourself.