21 February 2011

We Came, We Saw and We Bought the T-Shirt

Actually I bought 3 from Oi Boi.  Well 3 weeks of Twilight Market are over and Leanne and I can safely say we are not made for doing Markets.  My Chiropractor and Remedial Masseuse will probably agree.

I did try out all the food stalls and they were fantastic, the macaroons from The Almond Tree were devine and I ate my last one last night with a lovely pot of Chocolate Orange Tea from Scullery Made. I also got Orange Earl which I am having with breakfast this morning.

Probably should be getting ready for work this morning but I am feeling a bit mellow and glad that it is over.  I still have heaps of stock, and over the next few days I will taking lots of photos and loading them in my Made It Shop.

ps I will announce the winners of the Valentine giveaway tomorrow so you have until 7pm tonight to get your comment in.


Shay said...

I'm still sitting here comtemplating whether I am going to drag myself in to work late today or at all...maybe we should both play hooky and sew?

Chocolate Orange Tea sounds really lovely.

You did the markets and survived! Go You!

Mrs A said...

ohhh, choc orange tea, yum, not seen that up here in qld, markets can be a challenge, my mum used to do them and i would help her, i agree with Shay!

Leanne said...

Not sure if I will wear the T-shirt LOL.

Mrs A said...

btw i forgot i sent you the liebster award, check it out on my last post !