09 September 2011

Favourite Things Friday

One thing that I have been missing for a couple of years.  My hairdresser changed careers a few years ago and told me via Text.  I don't think I have yet forgiven her for that. She cut my hair since High School.   Long story short I haven't had a good hair cut since.  

My hair is the longest its been since I was a little girl and I feel a frump most of the time.  

Tonight I am getting a new doo, my nail lady is going to cut it. She has done it once before and I liked the way she did my hair but it was problematic having it done by her in the past because there was a hairdresser there.   

Also on the new doo front Coco had her second clip and I have been struggling to find a dog salon with a good recommendation that was close by.   I did stumble across Fur Creations in on Trulocal and she did a lovely job and she is just down the road from me.  

So my FTF is a GOOD HAIR CUT fingers crossed I will have by 5pm tonight.  Head over to Mrs P for some other FTF.


Lorraine said...

A hairdresser you trust is a must! I have my hair cut every three - four weeks and have to have a hairdresser who is a good cutter...and some of them just aren't ..so good luck and I hope your nail lady comes thru! Coco is growing up ....very cute!

Leanne said...

Ohhh waiting to see the new doo. She has eyes LOl and the pink bow is the icing on the cake.

Shay said...

You know I am completely neurotic about my hair so I was probably as nervous reading this post as you were actually having the haircut!

I hope it all turned out beautifully and you woke this morning feeling like a complete babe. Pictures please!

Miss Coco looks darling.

Kate said...

Hope that as Shay suggested, you feel like a complete Babe with the new do.

Helsie said...

So, so, so important to have a good hairdresser. I've been going to mine for about 20 years but she will retire some day soon and then I'll be in big trouble.
Hope the new "do" works out well.

Mindy said...

Nothing quite lifts the spirits like a new do!

Funny story, I once had a hairdresser who seemed to always know just what I wanted, almost like she could read my mind. However after she married she lost it as far as my hair goes.

Oh, well I have found a new hairdresser that you love.

thea said...

Good luck! I hate changing hair dressers even though I've done it quite frequently ..

Mistea said...

I'm with you on the hair cut thing - it is hard to get a good one, most places just don't set aside enough time to cut all my hair so I get half a style cut! Hope your new do is perfect. Puppy looks cute.

petra said...

Hoping it turns out beautiful so you can follow up with pictures. Coco is super photogenic and that pink bow absolutely darling.

ANudge said...

I find that problematic also - find a good stylist close by. Thought I found one, but she wants us to call to make an appointment because she only comes to the salon when she has a client.

Hope it turned out great!

Nanci said...

I like my stylist because we don't all look alike when leaving there.
as for the doggie do...well I travel far to get the stupid westie looking good. and it's cheaper than my do.
a cute blog and a cute dog by the way!