06 March 2013

15 Minute Challenge

Things are ramping up @ Seabreeze I am glad I am not designing as well at the moment that would probably just pop me over the edge.

We had Tennis finals on Saturday, we weren't expecting Squids team to make the finals but they did and we only found out on Thursday, she wasn't psyched up for playing tennis but we talked her around.  Unfortunately her team didn't get through.  She played really well and it was one of those games that could have gone either way and the luck just wasn't on her side.  Maestro's Team went straight through to the Grand Final so we get a weeks break now.  We want him to cut back on one sport in Winter so I think Tennis is it, he will be playing football in the U14 this year which is a bit scary as he is pretty small compared to most of the kids on the team.

The kitchen reno is rolling on, hubby and I don't usually see eye to eye on colour choice but we have settled on door colours (my choice) bench tops (his choice) splash back slight compromise on my part.  He is balking at the cost of the cupboards but telling me to get the more expensive oven so I can't quite work him out.  Still waiting on hearing from Electrician and Plumber to get their quotes so we have a final scary figure.

Maestro is also getting braces soon (very reluctantly) and he is trying to get into a specialist program at the local High School next year which involves testing and interviews over the next few weeks.

So how did I do on the sewing front with all this action going on, pretty well actually.  I finished hand quilting my Soul Searching quilt, cut all my starburst blocks out and began piecing, did a mixed media piece and started the binding on Soul Searching.

Wednesday: hand quilting
Thursday: hand quilting
Friday: hand quilting
Saturday: hand quilting, star burst blocks
Sunday: star burst blocks, binding, Mixed Media
Monday: binding
Tuesday: binding and had a bit of a Nanna nap in the middle so I might not have got to 15 min (it was a really long day and I didn't sleep the night before very well thats my excuse and I am sticking to it)

Head on over to Kate's to see who else met the challenge.


thea said...

Sounds like a lot of crazyness at your house. Which kind of football is it that Maestro is playing?

Marti said...

You did great. Are you going to show a step-by-step how you do that block? *hint, hint*

Pip said...

Soul Searching looks great, even though I am happy with my one, I wish I had thought to make a smaller size as you did.

Better to get the more expensive cupboards, they will last longer.

make.share.give said...

Another busy week. I think you deserve that nap.

Shay said...

Im completely in love with that top picture. Tres beautiful!

Oi! You cant nanna nap ...you arent a nanna yet!

Kate said...

Wow, you did well considering all the "life" stuff going on at your house.