13 March 2013

15 Minute Challenge

Had a couple of no sew days this week, due dinner with the girls and ear ache which is still not quite under control, another trip to the Drs today to change medication hoping that that will see and end to it.

Its official I am over the heat sooooo over it.  Maestro had to go to his zoned highschool today for testing to get into a special program they run there, the forecast was 39 today its probably a record for March at least the school had good air-conditioning.  Its been 34 plus for well over a week and everyone you see is just so over the heat.  It will be 25 tomorrow that would be today because it has taken 2 days to write this post and it is so lovely and cool this morning, I opened the house up at 5am to let the fresh air blow in.

In other news I have a new supplier Maud's on the Hilltop at Robe, I have just posted a collection of my patterns to her.

So what progress has there been on the crafting front the week went like this.

Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - binding
Friday - nothing
Saturday - binding
Sunday - Starburst block/ wool appliqué
Monday - holiday Starburst block
Tuesday - nothing at all though I did buy some fabric.

So the week has not been so good on the crafting front, but hopefully that will pick up again.  I worked out that I haven't cut enough starburst blocks there should be 16 not the 12 that I have cut.... might just have to purchase some more fabric.

Head on over to Kate's to see who else met the challenge this week.


Marti said...

I had a few nothing days too, but your other days were productive, so that's good. I hope your ear is better soon, those are no fun at all.

Just thinking about that heat makes me dread summer even more.

thea said...

Hope you're feeling better and you have the right meds. I have a few off days this week too. I love that quilt in the top picture.

Shay said...

Revolting weather and an ear infection would slow anyone down. You seem to have managed to do quite a bit despite those obstacles!

Congratulations on finding a new supplier of your patterns. That's great news!

Kate said...

Love the starburst block! Hope you start seeing some cooler weather. I'm ready for some warmer weather, but I don't want summer just yet.