27 March 2013

15 minute challenge

My back has improved quite a bit, once I get moving in the morning I am relatively pain free now so I have been able to start sewing again.  This week I have managed to work out the background fabric to use for the starburst blocks and I started some crochet after seeing some yummy balls of wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mill and I remembered that I have a stash in cupboard.

The kids were sick all weekend Maestro is still home from school but he managed to keep it together for his interview at the highschool on Monday and fell into a big heap on Monday afternoon.  We were really impressed with how he handled the interview so fingers crossed he gets into the program.

We have signed on the dotted line for the Kitchen reno and the final measurements have been taken so we will have a new kitchen in 4 - 6 weeks time.

So down the run down.

Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nothing fabric shopping
Saturday - Starburst block
Sunday - Starburst block/crochet
Monday - crochet
Tuesday - crochet

Head to Kate's to see who met the challenge this week.


Marti said...

I do love your starburst block. I'm glad your back is doing better. Signing on the dotted line is always exciting and scary. Hope you take plenty of before, during, and after pictures.

Kate said...

Sorry Maestro is still not feeling well. Hope he gets back into the groove soon.

Glad that your back is doing better and you are back to sewing. I love the Starbusrt block!

Shay said...

Well done Maestro .I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too. Hope you're back to 100% soon.

Im in awe of your beautiful crochet this week. Gorgeous!