27 June 2013

I'm Still Here

My "Day Off" has rolled around again.  Don't ask me where another week has gone.  Today I am booked in for a lesson on my new oven so at least I get out of chores for a couple of hours.  Got home last night from meeting up with the girls and I couldn't sleep even though I was dead on my feet.

Squid has been having health issues lately and we have had to fit a trip to the pool for some lap swimming to help her as well recovery, luckily my swim suite still fits and we encourage each other to do another lap.  We have an indoor pool 2 minutes up the road but they don't allow children to swim before 8.30 in the morning and that is the only time they allow lap swimming so we have to hike it closer to the city which is really annoying.

Was talking with the girls last night trying to fit some sewing time in and it looks like sometime in September I have a free weekend if Maesto's footy team doesn't make it to the finals.  I really need to make myself some new clothes as my favourite work skirt is now falling down my bum when I walk which is good because it means that I am slowly losing weight... but why do I just end up with no bum whatsoever.. I would much prefer it to come off the front... boobs and tummy first but it always comes of my bum.    Actually went through skirt and dress patterns the other day and have them sitting out ready for when a spare minute and the inclination comes my way.

Christmas in July starts on Monday and you can join anytime but if you join by the 1st you have longer to join in the fun.  My first 2 projects are finished and with Sarah, have to admit I still have one half finished floating around and I really need to get to it.

I did fit in a journal page in the last month. It was quite liberating I used a couple of Youtube tutorials and a book I just purchased to put it together.  I have started the background of another page but that is as far as it has got.  Every time I go in my sewing room I see my Starburst Blocks beaconing me but I just don't have the time to just sit and play at the moment.

Material Obsession have released their BOM for the year and I have signed up for 2 ... don't ask me when that will be fitted into the schedule but my thinking is that my study must be finished by November so I will have oodles of time once that is over a done with.

I've also collected a couple of Jen Kingwell patterns which I think I would like to start as well.  I'm thinking of fitting in some shopping on the weekend for background fabric.

Lastly the Kitchen is finished.  Hubby even put the new clock up, not quite where I wanted it, but close.  I have some swallows to put on the wall as well, and I am planning on doing a piece of Artwork for the spot by the cupboard.

I love my new kitchen, cleaning up is a breeze everything has a place and my tupperware is tidy for the first time in my life.  In the corner cupboard is a carousel and it all fits in their neatly stacked and easy to access.   Everything is now in its place and I still have shelves which don't have anything on them so there is room to expand if I need to.


Shay said...

Love the blog header change Amanda. It looks terrific!

I hope Squid is OK? And by the way I really admire both of you for getting up and swimming laps in this weather ! Im sure that would be much easier to do in Summer!

Congrats on the ongoing weight loss ...thats great news. I’m sure it’ll come off other places as you continue on this journey and then you’ll have flat abs and glutes and be looking totally fabulous.

Leanne said...

Third time lucky with this comment.
Hope Squid is OK. A tidy Tupperware cupboard ...... I'm not sure that is possible. Good to hear you are loosing weight keep up the good work.
The new header looks great.

Kate said...

Love the new header, very stylish. Things just sound really hectic, hope you get to take some time for yourself. Hope Squid gets to her health issues resolved. Congrats on the weight loss, sounds like you are busy, but doing well.