23 February 2016

I'm Still Stitching

Borders are a work in progress and I have the vines stitched down on two corners. I think it will be a while before its finished.

So far I have used the vase from block 1 and the bowl from block 7.  I'm not worrying about making the opposite corners the same apart from the base that the flowers are in.  I will try and keep the flowers evenly balanced and will keep a track of how many flowers of each block I use to help you along the way.  I will keep the final block up for another month and then publish the border setting and what I have done so far.

Handmade Vol 34 No 8 is out by the end of the week and it has my quilt North and South.  I was stitching it this time last year so I am a bit ambivalent about it now.  But the spread looks pretty spectacular and the colours are pretty true to the original quilt so you have to love that.  I even made it to the magazine index page.  

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