13 February 2016

Working on Borders

I have been less apathetic about finishing the borders on Flowers for Alison, I think it is because I see the end in sight and I really am enjoying figuring out what to do.

I have added a small cream writing border and then a 12 ½" border of black script fabric to the outside.  As I needed to mitre the corners I underestimated how much border fabric I needed so there are quite a few joins in one of the borders but I don't think you can really tell as it hides pretty well in the print and I will use appliqué to cover where it looks obvious.

The finished quilt will be 220 cm square which will fit nicely on my queen size bed.  Haven't made a quilt this big for quite some time but I am looking forward to the challenge of machine quilting it, but I think I have a few more hours of appliqué before we need to jump through that hoop.

I am also going to have to work out how I am going to photograph it when it is finished.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Wow! Beautifully done! The dark border really highlights the quilt center.