29 November 2016

Liberty Love Quilt Top Finished

Love the way this one came out.  Its single bed sized and the set in triangles are a bit bigger than they needed to be so the centre floats in the border.

Also I was extremely anal and have my directional fabric facing the right way all around the edge of the quilt and I may have even fussy cut the set in triangle squares so that the pattern pretty much lined up all round the edge.  This did mean that there was some unpicking when I got it wrong but I'm so happy with the outcome I don't care about the extra couple of hours it took to get it together.

There will be a pattern at some point.  I plan to quilt it during the Xmas holidays.  Will have to look out for some suitable backing fabric soon and order in some batting.


Sandi said...

This turned out very nicely, it looks huge! How big is it. Have fun quilting it. Sometimes being fussy makes the project just shine!

Kate said...

This one really looks like stained glass. Gorgeous quilt! All the extra effort really paid off.