15 December 2016

Celtic Tree of Life Block 5 ready for download

Head to the Celtic Tree of Life Page for the latest Block download.  If you have missed out on any don't forget you can purchase the blocks from my etsy site at www.seabreezequilts.com.au.

I will need to get my act together over the next few weeks because I plan to start designing the centre block.  As this is the largest block in the quilt it may mean that the lead time may be a bit longer but I will keep you informed as I start working it out.  Once the centre block is designed I can figure out the final two knot blocks and all the fun of how I will put it all together which I have to tell you is pretty much in the air at the moment.

I'm heading to Melbourne tomorrow for work Xmas do.  I will be slotting in a bit of Xmas shopping in the morning and then join the Melbourne office for some serious eating and drinking.  

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Kate said...

Hope the holiday party was a lot of fun and that you got in a lot of shopping.