19 December 2016

Gearing Up for Xmas

Mo has been taking over the kitchen again, this time to do a cake for my MIL's 87th birthday.  If I had of been home I would have gone a got her a proper cake board for better presentation but it tasted good and looked pretty spectacular.   MIL was only remotely aware that it her birthday but I think she enjoyed the cake.

While I was in Melbourne I took a photo of the window of Hopetoun Tea House.  I usually walk past the line up to get in when I'm in Melbourne at Christmas and never get a good look at the window display.  This time there was no line so I could take a photo.  I sent it to Mo and says maybe she can try and get a job here when she grows up.  I think I would prefer if she just opened her own version in Adelaide than move to Melbourne though.

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Kate said...

That is quite a cake! Mo did well. Have very happy holiday.