08 December 2016

The School Year is Ending and the holidays are nearly here

Maestro finished school last week for the year.  I can't remember finishing year 10 this early.  Mo had 3 days of school this week and today is preparing for her end of year presentation tomorrow then has 2 days of excursions and nothing much next week will finish up on Tuesday.

Mo went off to her formal dinner dance last Friday and had a great time. She said all the older kids kept saying she was cute (she hates that) and she got twirled around the dance floor but one of the year twelves who presented her with glow stick glasses.  I have been forbidden from showing a picture of her on any social media but she did look lovely in her dress.

The same day was our Wedding Anniversary so we ordered Maestro a pizza and headed down to the end of the street for dinner by the beach.  It was nice just the two of us out to dinner having a conversation about stuff proving we can still do that without the kids.  We even got a perfect sunset.

I've finished Block 5 of Celtic tree of Life.  I probably should be starting the next block early so that I can get a jump on the centre block which will be block 7 but I haven't yet maybe on the weekend.

I signed up for Sarah Fielke's next BOM (I know I'm an idiot) I don't know when I will be going to get time to do it.  But there are video's involved and an interactive group so I got sucked in and there is no fabric included so I can use the stash.  I also signed up earlier for Jen Kingwell's new BOM but I'm only getting the templates for that.  I'm a sucker for templates got to have them all.

I haven't been fabric shopping in forever and I don't think my stash is suffering I am sure there is enough fabric there for at least a few hundred quilts.  I am collecting one of MO BOM this year and I have started the first block  but I am not liking the plain background fabric they have chosen, though I love all the appliqué fabric they have sent.  So I'm thinking about changing it and starting again.  


Sandi said...

Sounds like a busy time for you! I'm doing Sarah's Happy Days BOM but I'm behind. I'll also be going Down the Rabbit Hole with you. I love that she gives you some different colour way ideas and let you do what you want with your own fabrics. The videos are also a great help.

Kate said...

Sounds like everyone is busy. Happy belated anniversary. I so get the being able to have a conversation without the kids. DT has decided on a college and she's started signing up for housing. It will be very odd to now have her around on a daily basis. Enjoy all your BOMs, sounds like lots of fun.