12 February 2018

I turn 50 today

I think the older you get the quicker time flys or is it just that I am super busy at the moment.

I don't feel 50 but here I am.  Mo baked a cake and has spent considerable time decorating it.  It has lemon curd in it so I might just have desert for tea.

DH and I spent the weekend at a hotel a couple of km down the road and went out to dinner to celebrate. I'm not a party person so that was all I wanted.  We had a lovely time over a leisurely meal at The Wharf, Marina Pier at Glenelg.  As we were seated right at the front of the restaurant we spent the evening people watching as they walked along the pier.    We never just linger over a meal, the kids always want to just get in eat and go it was wonderful to be unhurried.  

The view from the room was lovely.

Mo told me today that she organised Maestro and they caught the bus to the shops to organise his present while we were gone.

I'm continuing to try and destash.  I have added a section in my Etsy Shop for Destash Kits.  I'd prefer to only sell within Australia but contact me if you are overseas and we will see what we can do.

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Kate said...

Sounds like you had a very nice celebration. That cake is pretty amazing!