Celtic Tree of Life 2016 BOM

The Celtic Tree of Life Quilt is finished apart from the quilting which will probably take a couple of months.  The final instructions are below as well as hint and tips I've gathered along the way for doing the celtic knots.  If you like the look of the quilt the pattern is available from my shop at www.seabreezequilt.com.au.  Final instructions will be available until 6 September 2017.  If you have been collecting the patterns make sure you get the final pattern instructions below.  


Block 10 Putting it all together can be purchased here 

Block 8 and 9

Block 7 Tree of Life

Purchase here

Block 6 Blue Banded Bees

Purchase Pattern Here

Block 5 Celtic Knot

Purchase Pattern Here

Block 4 Bluebirds take Flight

Purchase Pattern Here 

Block 3 Dancing Dragonflies

Purchase Pattern here 

Block 2 First Celtic Knot

Purchase this pattern here

Block 1



Sandra Miller Pitts said...

This quilt sounds so beautiful. Cannot wait to see what you come up with. Thank you for sharing ❣

Sandi said...

Congrats on the early finish, it looks lovely! Thank you., hope your son is doing well.

Cynthia Woodham said...

I have just found you. I hope I have the time to join in.

Sandra Burnette said...

I heard about your blog and the upcoming BOM from Seems to be Sew. I'm so glad she gave us the heads up since I have always wanted to make a tree of life quilt. Thank you!

Denise Finucane said...

I am so excited to be trying this quilt! I just downloaded the first block and now I'm planning my next few weeks' projects so I can clear some space to make it :) Thank you for offering this pattern - I have shared on facebook today as well

Sandra Miller Pitts said...

I love the new block
I am having trouble printing out the templates
They come in several pages but only 1 line on each page on the edge
Can you help?