Making Bias Stems

I use a Clover Bias Maker to make the stems.   For this block I used 6mm (or ¼” finished) but you can use a ½” if you prefer (remember to check what width strip you need to cut).  The bias can be used for both hand and machine appliqué. 

To Make Your Bias Strips

Take your fabric a fat quarter is good to use as you get a nice long strip,  and a long quilting ruler.  Make sure you have a straight grain edge to start with.  Then using the bias mark (45% angle) on your long ruler, place this line on the straightened edge of the fabric and cut a strip along the bias.  Aim to get the longest possible strip, for a fat quarter you will be going straight through the centre diagonally.  Then cut as many stripes the width required to make the bias stems  ( ½” for 6mm) using your first bias cut as your guide (see instructions in Clover Bias Maker for width required for the size maker you are using if different to mine).

If you need a really long piece of bias say for a vine join the strips on the bias (as you would to create the binding for a quilt) before you feed it through the bias maker.

Feed the bias strip into the bias maker (you may need to use a pin or stiletto to feed it through using the groove underneath). 

Hold the bias maker with your left hand, gently pull your left hand back and iron the bias strip as it emerges from the other end of the bias maker.

 You have made your bias stem.  Pin in place where required on your applique piece and stitch in place.