11 May 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day everyone. Have had a lovely morning so far with some lovely gifts that my kids picked out all by themselves from the school Mothers Day stall. Also got the Vicar of Dibley Box Set.

Diet update I still haven't been brave enough to get on the scales but I did take my measurements when I started and again the middle of last week and I have lost 14.5 cm (6cm of my waist alone and 2cm everywhere else). I haven't felt hungry and it doesn't seem to bad a diet once the detox is finished with. I get a "free day" each week and today is the day.

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Gail said...

Hi Amanda, thanks for the update on the diet, I was wondering how you were going. Do you think it is good? Sounds like it is working for you. Maybe I will get this one too.