22 June 2008

Cyber Stitching Day

Here we are stitching for the Cyber Stitching Day. Well the other girls were stitching I managed to get two eyes on a dragon fly done and that was it. But I did trace all the blocks for the little quilt. We had a lovely afternoon chatting and nibbling on afternoon tea (scones weren't very successful this time as I forgot them in the oven so they were a bit crisp lol).

Thanks girls for coming it was fun. Wonder if photoshop elements can get rid of double chin's must look (few more months on the diet will hopefully get rid of them by the time next cyber stitching day is on).


Sue said...

What a lovely day we had. Cant wait to do it again!! Thanks for hosting. Lots of chit chat, laughing and a little stitching, fabulous company and a lovely afternoon tea. :) Cheers Sue

Anonymous said...

Great Day, Great afternoon Tea, Great Company & Great stitching - what more can a person ask for. Thanks Amanda for hosting a wonderful afternoon. Quilty Hugs Teresa

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,
That looks like fun!
and you are having my favourites! Tea & scones, I will have to fly over & join you {:0)

Pam x