13 June 2008

Fabulous Mail Week

I got my order from the Thread Studio with a silk cap in rainbow colours as well as the Beautiful Bowl Book by Kath Danswan and I can't wait to sit and have a play with the these two, a few more supplies have to be gathered though which will have to wait until pay day. Also got another book from Amazon, Stitch Dissolve Distort with machine embrodiery which I haven't had a chance to even look at yet but hope to sit down over the weekend and pour over it.

But the best delivery was yesterday when I was the first to receive the ornies from the Passion 4 Primitive forum Christmas ornie swap. Because I got them first (apart from the swap mamma) I can't share them with you until all the other girls have theirs but I have taken lots and lots of photo's of my lovely wire tree which now is full of all these handmade goodies. That group is very talented it is amazing how they come up with different ornies all the time. I have only been in two swaps but lots of the girls have done heaps and they keep coming up with better ornies each quarter. Next time the group is mixing it up a bit with 4 swaps being held at the same time. I am doing winged things and Halloween, I thought by doing it this way there would be less ornies to make but I was wrong there is more because I picked the two most popular swaps so I have to make 20 I think (half one winged things and half Halloween).

I keep my wire tree up all year in my sewing room but I have bought it out and put it on my dining room table for the Cyber Stitching Day next weekend.

I have been working on Seasons by Gail Pan I was hoping to have the first two rows done by Loxton, but I might even be able to finish the quilt centre will have to work extra hard over next couple of weeks though I might have a few other things that I have to finish first.... birthday swaps.... ornies ..... work.... oh well, its a plan anyway.

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Cant wait for loxton!