20 July 2008

From the Mouths of Babes

Only 4 more sleeps till Loxton, all plans are in place and Sue and I are both very excited. I did have 2 fat quarter bags filled to overflowing but have now reduced that to one which still has room to add the requirements for Rosies doll. So I think I have done very well. As this is our second trip we know they lay of the land and what can be purchased at Loxton so I think I am fine. Have some needles (machine and hand stitching) ordered from Ozquilts because I like to have extras and they should arrive on Monday.

On Friday I received the first pattern for Little Blue Birds and have signed up for the Pin Cushion Club at Quilt Fabric Delights.

During the holidays I took my 5 year old daughter to the Central Market as it was just the two of us she was quite excited and was talking and we were talking in the car on the way in. She asked me if I have ever been to the market before and I told her that I use to go every week with my mum. She then asked me if I did this when I was going to school I said no it was when I was a grown up and Mum would drive us into the Market I would help her with the shopping and then walk to the other side of the city to work (not very far in a town the size of Adelaide).
My mother died in 1991 when I was 23, so my daughter has never met her though she knows (though probably doesn't understand the relationship) that Grandma isn't my mum. Then she asked do you miss your Mum, which with eye's welling I said I miss my mum every day. As I turned the car into the carpark she said to me "We had better stop talking about this because it is going to make me cry". I told her that might be a good idea cause it is making me cry. As she got out of the car she grabbed hold of my neck and gave me a big kiss and told me she loved me.


Sue said...

Isnt your little chicken just gorgeous!!!
Cheers S

Lorraine said...

wow.....that made me tear up as well.....kids!! gotta love em.....