29 July 2008

Home Again after a fun filled weekend at Loxton

Gail and Lorraine have already beaten me to it and Lorraines account is very in depth so make sure you go and have a look. Unfortunately I made the top of Gails (thanks heaps).
Well we made it to Loxton safely thanks to Lee the GPS (left) though I was a bit worried when he sent us down the Port Adelaide Express way and they are still building it so it was a no through road. Never fear we did a u-turn and he "Recalculated" I could almost hear the sigh (my GPS does a lot of recalculating when I disobey his directions).

Here is Gail and Lorraine. Showed Gail my Seasons whcih is nearly finished and she loved it must admit wondered if she would because it is not exactly her colours.
I bought lots of patterns from each of the girls and of course Rosalie's book Gifts which is wonderful. Got the fabric for Gail's Summer Bouquet unfortunately I've lost the pattern, hopefully it will turn up when I finish unpacking. Here is a close up of Leannes quilt.

Saturday night was dinner at the pub which was wonderful but we didn't stay late as lack of sleep was starting to get to us. Here are our fabulous teachers for the weekend. Viv, Rosalie, Gail and Leanne.

Still had a bit of money left over on Monday morning so called back into the shop on the way through to pick up a couple of extra things and today I went to Hetties to get some fabric for Little Blue Birds from the Janelle Wind Collection.


Sue said...

Howdy, Didnt we have the best fun!! Although Lee did get upset and needed to recalculate once or twice. Other than that I think the journey there and back and the whole experience was FANTASTIC and Im very pleased to have had you to share it with. Loz and Leanne have both done a fab post on the weekend. LOXTON WAS GREAT IN 2008!!!!! Cheers Sue

Catherine said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time Amanda and purchased lots of goodies!!! Cathyxx

Maree said...

Hi Amanda have popped on over from Granny Loz's blog...love your pics from Loxton & sounds like a great weekend by all...looking forward to seeing your Vines quilt sounds Great with your colour choice.

Lorraine said...

You can see I just love having my photo taken....! nice one of Gail tho!!.....it was a great time....and no I haven't got your Summer Bouquet pattern....LOL.....hope you find it when you finish unpacking...I haven't finished unpacking yet....but the dolly is finished! I was going to get the squares for Leanne's quilt cut out yesterday but worked on finishing the doll and doing some house work.....eeeeuuuuuw! Catch up soon!