15 December 2008

Christmas Care Swap

This parcel is winging its way to Christina today she should receive it tomorrow or maybe Wednesday with the Christmas mail.  The ribbon will probably need a little fluffing when it gets there though as I underestimated the size when I purchase the post satchel but it should be ok it is wire ribbon and it was easy to posed it for for the photo.

If you love it and have to have some I got it from Hetties, it also comes in green...must get back there myself and get some more.


Leanne said...

How come spend half my time at Hetties and I've never seen that ribbon. It is lovely.

Rustic Tarts said...

That's coming to me!! I love it already and I don't care what is inside. The ribbon and the tag has won me over.
Made it home a bit late to get to the PO so it will probably be tomorrow.