20 December 2008

The Green Dress is Finished

I finished this tonight ready for a Christmas Party tomorrow....now all I have to do is get my husband to shut up about it being too hot to wear it.  Hopefully will get a couple of good photo's of the princess in it tomorrow to show you.

Drove along the seafront today and the water looked magical another great photo opportunity missed.  According to the news there was a Bronze Whaler at Grange and the beach was evacuated....glad we spent the afternoon safe in the pool.


Leanne said...

Well done and it wouldn't be to hot. I love it my fav colour and all.

Rustic Tarts said...

You've done a lovely job with it Amanda. I loved smocking but it seemed pointless in continuing after having 2 boys - but I hated making up the finished item. Yours looks perfect!
And it won't be too hot, it will be perfect tomorrow for it won't it?
Tell your husband to pull his head in....LOL

sticker said...

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