17 December 2008

I Love My Job

I might have said so before but I do love my job.  The company is sooo sooo good to its employees and my boss is the best.  I am getting flown to Melbourne tomorrow for Christmas lunch and today I checked my bank account and I got a Christmas Bonus as well I think I will be pinching myself for days.   Here's hoping that we have a good year next year so I can keep my job because I would still work there in a heartbeat on less money and without all the added extras (but the added extras are so nice).

Had dinner with the quilting girls last night, fabulous fun as usual and lots of goodies were exchanged.  


Lorraine said...

Nice to be appreciated in your work! I love my job as well, but sadly no Christmas bonus'.....my boss is great and I love the work....so I am with you..."I love my job"......enjoy your day in Melbourne!!

Leanne said...

It must be an SA thing I love my job and I got a nice bonus today......thinking what I will buy myself ?????