02 December 2008

You Guessed it I am avoiding again

The ironing is calling me but I am fiddling on the computer.  Just got my Photoshop Elements and have been loading it a my apple.  Looks a little different to how it looks on the pc but I should have too many worries I don't think.  Have managed to crop and downsize a couple of photo's pretty quick for this post so Sue will be very happy.  

Have managed to catch some bug off the kids, after avoiding colds all winter now we head into summer and I am a bit poorly.  It only seems to affect me at night, last night I was barking at the moon so to speak, the old ribs are a bit sore and sorry today but the
 cough is nearly non existent so I can almost function today (except for the lack of sleep).  

I am pretty sure everyone has their ornies now.  So here is a picture, aren't they fabulous as usual the girls all outdid themselves.  Ornie swaps are the best and all the girls are so talented it is such a privilege to be in it with them all.
Now what am I working on...well apart from a few chrissy pressies I am trying to get this dress together for my daughter before she is too big for it.  I have to attach the back skirt then do the arm binding and of course hem it but I think another hour or two and it should be finished just have to find them.  

Went to Hetties on Sunday for their fundrais
er to raise money for Women's Cancer and met up with Julie who gave me this as a thank you for Cyber Stitching Day which was lovely ..but you shouldn't have (see
 julie I love pink and it goes so well with my pink embroidery scissors).
Well better had stop and get on with some work... maybe I'll go for a walk.


mama said...

Beautiful !

Mama from http://www.sirpriz.com from France

Make friends and exchange some gift !

Sarah said...

Congratulations on the dress! I made that one for Rachel a few years ago. It is a lot of work but it is one of the favourite things I have made and it still hangs in her wardrobe even though now it is much too small.

Leanne said...

I was expecting to see that green dress finished and on a cute little blonde haired girl.

paddysmum said...

Hi Amanda...so glad you love pink...it was a lovely afternoon and you did made us feel welcome. It was lovely to catch up again at Hetties...more yummy found...all the best Julie

Dawn said...

Love the dress Amanda, looks so sweet and your smoking is ok. Hope you get it done b4 your DD is too big. I am trying to finish one too and thankfully I have another DD following the one I am making it for.