12 March 2010

Another Queen

Can you see her that little rectangle on the horizon....it's the Queen Mary.  DH was all for giving the kids a day off school and heading down to the harbour to see it because it was one of those once in a lifetime things, I told him she would be back again and sure enough they said on the news last night that she would be returning in February.  The kids already had half a day off school as we had to got to the city for dental appointments.  Not all that fun on the first day of Clipsal V8 Race, the train was more packed than usual.

The dentist trip just made for more appointments, squid's has to have a full head Xray and Maestro has to  go to the Orthodontist as one of his teeth has not emerged from the gum after 12 months.  Even though his Full Head Xray of last year showed that it was there.  And why the full head Xray, Maestro had a larger than normal tooth come through last year in his bottom jaw and I was concerned ..well hoping that the tooth was fused with its neighbour (no room for another one if it wasn't) as the squid had similar in her baby teeth...I was right the dentist was wrong.  Squid doesn't have room for an extra tooth either so we have to make sure that her adult teeth will be the same as the baby ones.


Rustic Tarts said...

It's all fun isn't it with the dental appts? I was over with cherub 2 last Friday as he didn't want to do sports day and I was there today with cherub 1! Fortunately neither need to have anything done.
We thought we may have been able to see QE2 from here yesterday but couldn't.

Leanne said...

If I wasn't working I would have gone to see her(QE2). The less said about dentist and orthodontists the better.