27 March 2010

Bowerbird Bazaar

6 Months I have been waiting for the Bazaar and then this weekend loomed and I had more and more things happening and somebody who will remain nameless was grumbling because I am never home... so I was wondering where I was going to fit it all in...  I got it into my head I could zip in after work yesterday ... guess who didn't read the times right... Went through the city found a car park on the top floor of the park.  Found the building and then found the sign opens at 4pm.  There was a guy busily doing stuff in the door way and I almost begged to be let in ... no I didn't but I think the eye's were welling up...

So I went home I didn't cry... maybe I could bring the Squid in with me and we could make it a Girl Bonding thing...(the boys were having boy bonding at Karate and dinner at Macca's) the problem being I had dinner with playgroup mum's at 6.30.  And we had to get the Squid enthused to go which straight after school is like Russian Roulette ... you never know what version of Squid you are going to get.. (happy or down right cranky capital B version).

Fast talking by Mum and a quick look at the website and she was excited so off we went and we had a lovely time.  Lots of Jewellery some of which came home with me some  had to stay but I collected lots of cards for websites... My sister's birthday pressie was taken care of and we had the yummiest cakes from From Scratch Patisserie.  

Here you can do a little window shopping.  I got a wonderful Glass bead from Clare Wilson, she is an amazing glass blower.  A etched ring from Smug and a necklace and earrings from Moe Moe.  If I hadn't had run out of money I would have got The Good Scissors from Victoria Mason and Squid would have got.  And I meant to go back to Bilingual (they had some great specials) but by that time the money had all gone and Squid had had enough and it was quite close and hot in the venue.  Squid didn't miss out she got some cute badges and pink tights with cupcakes printed on them.... could have got some patterns ones myself and then decided that I am 42 years old and the world is probably not ready to see me in lime green patterned leggings (and the 1 size fits most also put me off).  

I have more websites to cruise and lots of online shops to check out and we had a lovely time walking around and looking.  If you are in Adelaide go this weekend and check it out.  It is just off Currie Street the lane is just opposite Adelaide Tafe.  And if you can't make it there is another one in October.


Rustic Tarts said...

Great review - I'll have to go in October.
I'll also check out all the websited you mentioned, a bit later.
You could have done the lime leggings - we are allowed to do those sorts of things in our 40's -people just explain it away as a mid life crisis!!

Sue said...

Wow Im exhausted just reading your post ... I think you should have got the lime green leggings ... would have looked great and who gives a rats as to what others think!!!! Looking forward to catching up tomorrow. Cheers S

Leanne said...

What a great post! I want some snug earrings, only problem can't decide which ones. They are fabulous.