31 March 2010

Excitement Plus

Block 2 of my quilt is finished.  Leanne is convinced that I am sewing till my fingers bleed but I assure you I am not, I am just super quick and needleturn.   I have had enough of the tulips for a while now and I am going to try my hand at a sunflower.   I have one more small tulip block drawn but I will leave that until the end because I might not need it.  I made up a few more background blocks last night so I can sit and stitch at night in front of the TV.

I also got my bundle of goodies ready for the next QFD Design Team Tutorial so hopefully I will get some time over the long weekend to tweak the design that is bursting to get out of my head soon so I can go back to normal speed instead of having my head think a thousand thoughts a minute.  I need to slow down because I have ideas for 3 more projects and I might just be sewing all the school holidays if I am not careful.  I guess at least I am ahead of myself and hopefully won't get designer block before the six months is up.

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Leanne said...

It's looking good.